The all around freestyle dance board!

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The only big dancing board that pops like a skateboard. The Atreyu, our all around freestyle dancer,  finally got a restyling. It features a  rocker profile, keeping you stable and lower to the ground and having a new elliptical-progressive concave which combines a wide flat platform with high edges. It also has a new construction, but we just couldn’t decide which one was the best for the new Atreyu, so here you have it in 3 options: 3 different flexes for 3 different feelings, one uniqe board. The choice is yours!

L: 120cm
W: 23.8cm
WB: 77.4cm
Kicks: 15cm

Dancer grip

-Mellow Yellow: a solid and dense flex signs this board, easy to ride, enjoyable to everyone. It’s perfect for who begins and who wants an old school flexy feeling in his dancing. (Flex 3: <70kg)

-Carbon HD: The Atreyu carbon High Density is a stiff and solid board. Strong and durable this construction is meant for who likes to try bangers on big boards. We recommend this construction to those looking for a performing board and weighting around 75-85kg, who just couldn’t find, except choosing some Flex 1 resulting in a heavy board. (Flex 1)

-Carbon HP: Atreyu’s High Performance line up. It’s an extremely light and stiff board, it’s not meant for beginners cause it’s not that easy to ride, it’s really technical. It’s designed for experienced riders who just look for a high quality deck that responds to their needs. (Flex 2 60-80kg)

Additional information

Dimensions 120 × 25 × 5 cm