The new school dance board!

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Created to follow the trend of the new longboarder generation’s: more and more oriented to freestyle. The Fùcur is a smaller version of classic dancers,  reminding its shape in a lighter and more versatile form. It features rocker profile and elliptical-progressive concave, but instead of different flexes, here it is now in 3 diffrent new constructions. Once again, the choice is yours!

L: 110.8cm
W: 23.5cm
WB: 70cm
Kicks: 14.5cm

Dancer grip



-Classic: Light flex, easy to ride, designed to be comfortable. It’s perfect for both beginners and more experienced riders who just want a board they can ride everyday, everytime. (Flex 3 < 65kg)

-Carbon Solid: The Fùcur Carbon is a light board for his stiffness and it’s very solid thanks to the addition of carbon. Strong and durable, this construction is the perfect compromise for those looking for a performance board usually cannot find it, if not choosing the Flex 1 which results in a heavy board (Flex 1 75-85kg)

-Carbon Medium: High Performance line up. For who search quality, reactive flex, lightness and strong construction. It’s designed to give to riders the chance to skate the best board they can buy. (Flex 2 suggested for 65-75kg who skate hard)

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Dimensions 120 × 25 × 5 cm